Embrace the Rebirth of Spring: A Journey to Your Inner Goddess

Welcome the Season of Renewal and Abundance on April 20th

As the earth awakens from its winter slumber, we invite you to join us in celebrating the vibrant emergence of spring. This is a time of life bursting forth in all its glory, a season filled with the promise of fertility, abundance, and new growth. It's a moment to honor the cyclical nature of existence and the perennial rebirth that surrounds us.


Connect with Your Feminine Essence 

Our transformative one-day retreat is a sacred invitation to delve into the depths of your feminine nature. As the world around us blossoms, so too can the seeds of your inner being. This is an opportunity to nurture the garden of your soul, to cultivate the qualities of grace, intuition, and nurturing that define the essence of the feminine.

Awaken Your Senses and Spirit

Immerse yourself in an experience that is designed to activate your senses and awaken your spirit. Through a tapestry of rituals and practices, we will guide you on a journey to rediscover the goddess within. This is a day to embrace the full spectrum of your femininity, from the gentle whispers of your innermost desires to the fierce roar of your untamed power.

Join Us in Celebrating the Magic of Spring and Self-Discovery

Are you ready to step into a space of growth and transformation? To awaken the dormant parts of your being and bloom alongside the flowers of spring? Join us for this special day retreat and embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and connection to the natural world.


Your guide through this sacred journey is Drea Aguilar, a seasoned practitioner of the sacred toad medicine. With over two years of experience and more than 150 ceremonies to her name, Drea brings a depth of knowledge, compassion, and skill to facilitate a space of safety, healing, and profound transformation.

Your guide through this sacred journey is not only a seasoned practitioner of the sacred toad medicine but also an accomplished group facilitator for various retreats, ceremonies, and workshops. With a mastery in energy healing, extensive experience in somatics, embodied leadership, and life coaching, your guide brings a comprehensive understanding of the transformative power of healing and personal growth.

This blend of expertise ensures a space of safety, healing, and profound transformation, guiding each participant towards deeper levels of consciousness and connection.


Your journey will be enriched with breathwork and a sound journey, designed to harmonize your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Nourishment for the day includes thoughtfully prepared food and refreshments, aligning with the retreat's ethos of holistic wellness.


Immersive Practices for Deep Healing

Your journey will be enriched with breathwork and a sound journey, designed to harmonize your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Nourishment for the day includes thoughtfully prepared food and refreshments, aligning with the retreat's ethos of holistic wellness.

A Journey of Transformation and Connection

Our Wild Bloom Retreat offers a unique and powerful combination of sacred medicines, each chosen for their synergistic effects on the mind, body, and spirit. Here's what you can expect from each element of our journey:

Discover the Power of Sacred Medicines

Join us for a sacred journey with toad and psilocybin, where we embrace the transformative power of these earth medicines at low doses. Contrary to the belief that only high doses can lead to breakthroughs, we celebrate the profound benefits of more gentle experiences. Low and medium doses reduce the risk of a "bad trip" and allow us to stay present "in our human" and "in-the-body."

Meditative Bufo Ceremony

The Bufo alvarius toad secretion, known for its potent 5-MeO-DMT content, will serve as a catalyst for profound spiritual awakening. Our meditative Bufo ceremony is designed to clear your energetic channels and reconnect you with the oneness and unconditional love of source energy. This experience often leads to a deep sense of unity and a transcendent state of consciousness.

Low-Dose Psilocybin

Working with low-dose psilocybin mushrooms, we'll gently open the doors to your creative mind while keeping you grounded in your body. This subtle yet profound experience helps to dissolve barriers, enhancing your connection to yourself and those around you. It's an invitation to explore the landscape of your inner world with curiosity and openness.

Introduction to Cannabis

Cannabis, one of our favorite plant medicines, will be integrated into the retreat with intention and mindfulness. When used in harmony with Bufo and psilocybin, cannabis can deepen your sense of presence, spark creativity, and foster a sense of connection. It's a gentle yet powerful ally in inviting your wild, intuitive nature to come out and play.

Embodiment Practices

Throughout the retreat, we'll engage in embodiment practices designed to anchor your experiences and insights in the body. These practices will include breathwork, organic movement, and tantric exercises that activate all your senses. The intention is to create a space where you can fully immerse yourself in the present moment, tapping into your innate creativity and forging a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

Embrace Your Wild Intuitive Nature

By combining these sacred medicines with intentional embodiment practices, we aim to create an environment where you can explore the depths of your being. This journey is about more than just the substances; it's about how they interact with your unique energy and intentions. We invite you to join us in this space of exploration, healing, and joyful discovery, where your wild intuitive nature is free to emerge and flourish.

Connect and Grow in Community

This retreat offers a unique opportunity to connect with a supportive community in a group ceremony. Together, we will explore the depths of our consciousness while remaining grounded and connected.

Our Journey Through the Day

  • Opening Ceremony: Set your intentions and prepare for a day of deep exploration.
  • Breathwork & Organic Movement: Engage in practices that open your body and mind, creating space for transformation.
  • Bufo Ceremony: Experience a meditative dose of Bufo, inviting profound insights and clarity.
  • Low-Dose Mushroom Ceremony: Continue your journey with a gentle mushroom experience, enhancing your connection to yourself and the world around you.
  • Peace Pipe Cannabis Circle: Led by our Divine Masculine presence 
  • Tantric Rapture Exercises: Activate all your senses through guided exercises that explore touch, smell, sight, and sound, leading you to a state of blissful presence.
  • Closing Ceremony: Reflect on your journey and integrate your experiences as we conclude the day.

Optional Overnight Stay

Extend your experience with an optional sleepover-like stay, creating space for further reflection and connection. For those seeking privacy, one guest room is available for an additional cost.


"Working with Drea helped me evaluate my healing protocol so I can dive into my mission with a new mindset.  Her intuitive healing helped me rest and awaken with laser sharp focus ready to take on my day with ease. 



"I felt sooo supported, held and heard. The overwhelming love and support she showed was a bright light in the dark periods of my life. Drea is truly gifted, she’s able to hold the container to break down timelines and alchemize darker energies into light. I am so grateful to have met and worked with her, I really feel she played a vital role in my personal transformation and connection to my higher path.





Embarking on a journey with "Wild Bloom" is a profound decision that can lead to transformative experiences and deep healing. This retreat may be a perfect fit if you find yourself nodding to any of the following points:

  • You've been curious about the benefits of working with Bufo: Whether you're new to psychedelic experiences or have a seasoned background in spiritual practices, this retreat offers a safe and guided exploration into the profound benefits of Bufo alvarius.

  • You've experienced Bufo before and you're ready for a revisit: This retreat provides an opportunity for deeper exploration and understanding, enhancing previous experiences with new insights and a supportive community.

  • You're currently looking to heal anxiety, depression, or addictions: If you're seeking alternative methods to confront and heal from these challenges, the sacred toad medicine offers a unique pathway to understanding and healing.

  • You're ready for the ultimate road opener: Recognizing that something is blocking your path to growth and seeking a powerful catalyst for change is the first step. This retreat is designed to help clear those blockages, opening the road to your true potential.

  • You know you're ready to level up but something is standing in the way: When the desire for personal or spiritual development is hindered by unseen obstacles, our retreat offers the space and guidance to confront and transcend these barriers.

  • You want to experience oneness, peace, and renewed vitality: If you're seeking a profound connection with the universe, a sense of inner peace, and a rejuvenation of spirit, the practices and experiences of this retreat are aligned with your desires.

This retreat is for those who are called to deep transformation, ready to explore the depths of their being, and open to the profound healing and awakening that sacred toad medicine can facilitate. If these points resonate with you, "Touching Eternity: One Day Sacred Toad Retreat" may just be the journey you've been seeking.

This Retreat May NOT Be for You If...

While "Touching Eternity: One Day Sacred Toad Retreat" offers transformative experiences aimed at spiritual awakening and personal healing, it's important to recognize that this journey is not suitable for everyone. In the interest of creating a safe and supportive environment for all participants, please carefully consider if any of the following conditions apply to you:

  • You are currently taking SSRIs, MAOs, lithium, tramadol, or heart and blood pressure medications: These medications can interact negatively with Bufo alvarius, posing serious health risks. It's essential for your safety to avoid participating if you are on these medications.

  • You are currently experiencing a breakup, loss of a loved one, or having suicidal ideation: While the retreat aims to offer healing, the intensity of the experience might not be appropriate for those in the midst of acute emotional distress or grieving processes.

  • You have a history of severe mental health disorders, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder: The potent nature of the sacred toad medicine can exacerbate certain conditions, making it crucial to exclude participation for those with these backgrounds.

  • You are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant: The effects of Bufo alvarius on pregnancy are not well-studied, and out of caution, it's advised that pregnant individuals do not participate.

  • You lack a support system for post-retreat integration: The insights and transformations experienced during the retreat can be profound, and having a supportive community or resources for integration afterward is crucial for a positive and healthy transition back to daily life.

  • You are seeking a recreational experience: The sacred toad medicine is a tool for deep spiritual and personal growth, not a recreational drug. Participants should have a sincere intention for healing and transformation.


This retreat is an intimate gathering designed for those who feel the call to dive deep into their spiritual practice with the support of the sacred toad medicine. Spaces are limited to ensure a personal and impactful experience for each participant.

Reserve your place now, make sure to fill out the application form and prepare for a journey that promises not just to touch eternity, but to transform your connection with yourself, the community, and the vast web of life that surrounds us.



Payment Plan available through AfterPay

  • Day-long Wild Bloom  Retreat
  • 1 Group Intention Setting Call on Thursday, 4/18 at 5:30pm
  • Free Guide Book on Preparing for Ceremony
  • 1 Group Integration Call on Sunday, 4/28 at 10am
  • Refreshments and food day of the ceremony
  • Sleep-over Slumber Party



Get the most out of your ceremony experience

  • Only 3 VIP spots available
  • Everything with regular price ticket.
  • 60 min Thai Yoga Massage with Joey Lundgreen
  • 45 min Energy Healing with Drea
  • 4 weeks of Integration Coaching (Regular coaching with Drea is $1500 a month! Take advantage of this amazing offering.)
  • Integration Coaching Includes 2 30-min zoom calls, text and voice memo support. 2 check in calls.


For more details on registration, accommodations, and how to prepare for the retreat, please reach out to [email protected]. Drea will be your guide with unparalleled expertise in healing and transformation, support you in taking this transformative step on your spiritual path.