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All possibilities are available, right now.

~Abraham Hicks

My passion is dream weaving because you can’t spell DREAM without Drea!


I’m the midwife to your dreams becoming reality.

I deeply care about co-creating a new paradigm where everyone has their basic needs met and have the opportunity to heal.


This happens by inspiring others in becoming solutions-based and actionable in healing trauma.


My Story

I am a Womxn of Color, of Filipinx heritage living on occupied Serrano territory in the mountains of Lake Arrowhead, CA.


My life started with the death of my mother when I was two years old and had just immigrated here from Seoul, South Korea. Just as my mother died, my dad couldn’t take the pressure and the sadness, leaving me under the care of my aunt. The core wounds I’ve worked through are abandonment, raised under the indoctrination of colonial rule, and punishment for asking too many questions.


Only four years ago, I quit my job as a producer in Reality TV after 9 years of feeling stuck, unhappy, and unfulfilled. After a series of catalysts, some great like Burning Man, some really hard like my father’s death, I realized I had a choice. That joy was a choice and as a sovereign being I had free will.


I began receiving Reiki healings, invested in my first life coach and finally quit my job without much of a “plan”, I trusted the universe would catch me in this quantum leap.


Fast forward to now, I’m living in my dream home in the woods, serving the collective as a healer, a coach, and mentor. I’m a mother to a Rainbow Toddler, Zephyr, and I’m here to support his own mission by allowing him to dream big. 


Through Reiki and shamanic practice and investing in my personal development I empowered myself to declare myself as a sovereign being, a bruja, and a wild womxn. I share my practice through vulnerable storytelling and teach my clients to do the same!


I’m here to be your guide, holding up a mirror to your own divinity as I’ve discovered mine. By working with me you’ll break through your limiting beliefs, learn how to be a quantum manifestor, discover your gifts, and share your magical medicine in service!

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Heal With Me

Virtual or in-person.

Activate your highest potential in a powerful and transformational healing session with Drea.


Slow down and get clear on

current and future intentions.

Retreat with me or book me

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