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Andrea is a Reiki Master, intuitive, and spiritual ascension guide. She is divinely guided to assist in your healing, to uplift you and hold the light as you follow your own inner knowing that guides you to your true joy and purpose.



Three years ago, I was producing TV shows about art for a national network - despite, having my "dream" job, I was unhappy, felt lost and suffering from my unhealed family history. Many times I turned to alcohol and partying as a distraction.


My experiences at Burning Man was the catalyst for me to decide I'm going to listen to my heart and only do the things that filled my soul with joy. Following my second Burning Man, I quit my TV job to create art on the playa representing my Filipino heritage. When the dust settled, the world was my oyster and I could create the life I desired. 


Upon reflection, I fully attribute this transformation in my life to weekly reiki sessions and my NLP spiritual coach, Briana Cavion. She guided me to get out of my own way, drop the fear and listen deeply to what my heart truly desired. I learned (and soon you will too) I have the ability to shape my universe. It was empowering and that's when the spark happened. I am the most fulfilled when I'm in service to others. 


I was introduced to Reiki back in 2004, at a fast food joint in Oahu, Hawaii through my friend's father who happened to pick us up from the airport that day. He showed me how to be in control of my energy. Took me more than a decade to truly understand the power of Reiki. In 2017, I was attuned Reiki Level one and two with Callie Sorensen. 


Yoga, meditation and Reiki were just me scratching the surface of spirituality. I dove head first, eating up all the knowledge I could. My mission has become clear, to be here for you and your journey. Here to assist you as you heal core wounds and traumas. I'll help you master your energy and help you create an inspired action plan to achieve your biggest dreams and deepest desires. 



Feb 2018, my second awakening came after the birth of my first son, Zephyr Rad. After a beautiful and graceful pregnancy, labor was going fine until a hospital midwife violated my right to informed consent, popped my intact amniotic sac which resulted in an extremely traumatic emergency c-section. Bouts of painful post-partum depression negatively affected my close relationships and my own expectations of what motherhood should look like.




I cried for help and I knew if I didn't take action to heal myself it would affect my son and family's well-being. My pain became my purpose. I am here to protect, educate, and advocate mothers affected by birth trauma. I'm am here to be a safe space for mothers during their healing process.


Motherhood is not easy and moms certainly do not get enough credit for the incredible work they're doing raising our children. Mothers should be celebrated, treated like the queens they are, and supported through their journey.

How To Prepare
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