"We are in a period rapid human evolution and the universe is calling forth messengers, healers, leaders, seekers, students, teachers, and creators to express their truth, awaken and share what they are learning/have learned. To aid in the evolution and raise consciousness."

➤ Your spiritual awakening came on fast and strong, you feel ungrounded and unsure what to do next.

➤ You have FEAR around the unknown.

You have A LOT of self-doubt about your intuitive gifts.


You feel like your not living your fullest potential.


You feel stagnant in your current job and you're ready to take the leap to start your soul-led intuitive business.

You have been disempowered by your shadow and trauma.


➤ You've read all the things about The Law of Attraction but haven't attracted shit.


➤ You're stuck in the comparing yourself to others trap.


You want to be BOLD and share your truth but still afraid of what other people might think.


➤ You want to be of service with your soul-aligned goals but feel BLOCKED in how you can help.

➤ You want to creatively express yourself but have developed the belief you're not "good enough".


➤ You're an empath and feel EVERYTHING which wears on your energy.


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Hey Lightworker, are you ready to live your life purpose and manifest your wildest dreams?


It's time to activate your Quantum Vision and unlock the secrets to the universe.


What's included in

Crystalliine Alchemy:


  • shadow Work

  • Alchemy Blueprint for Manifestation

  • Quantum Physics and co-creating Your Reality

  • Upgrading your Operating Systems

6 - Calls,  BiWeekly one-on-One coaching Sessions

One - 45 min Quantum Reiki Distance Healing


Access to weekly Guest SPeakers via Zoom

(Recordings Available)

Weekly 30-minute Healing Meditation via zoom

Text/Marco Polo Accountability check-ins

➤ Are you ready to come out of the SPIRITUAL CLOSET to live the life you most desire in service, abundance?


➤ Are you ready for more peace and clarity?

➤ Do you want to live your highest timeline, reclaim your sovereignty, and embody your fullest expression?

➤ If you're ready to say YES to yourself and take the QUANTUM LEAP... #lfg 

Email me at hello@consciousmother and let's begin your quantum journey.