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What is Quantum Healing?

Quantum healing is a highly effective, multi-dimensional healing modality that aligns your thoughts and emotions with your intentions. During your experience, you will be heard, seen, and nurtured.


Together we align your body, mind and soul with the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed, a one-of-a-kind technology using sound, frequency, and vibration.

Quantum Resonance Crystal Healings are effective, gentle, and impactful. Where spirituality meets science you will lay down and receive a Reiki healing in combination with being cocooned in 111hz frequency via a Rife machine and listening to a Gamma wave binaural beat sound journey that supports your healing down to a cellular level. 

Think of yourself as a computer. Sometimes it's overloaded with information and we have a million tabs open and running bogging down the system and no longer are you running at an optimal level. We will actively go through your files and move anything that's no longer serving you into the trash can.


Working with me is a HARD RESET! I’ve created a bespoke coaching and energy healing experience with the intention to help you live your most radiant life. You'll leave feeling lighter, calmer, and inspired.

What to expect during your session

We begin each session helping you align with your intentions by getting clear about what energies you're ready to release and clear. Drea will connect to your higher self and share guidance messages 

Next is a combination of Theta healing, Shamanic Energy Healing, Sound Healing, and Reiki. Allow yourself to fully relax and receive. 


In this intensive session you will:

  • Identify limiting beliefs and dismantle stories that are no longer serving you.

  • Get really clear with your goals and intentions

  • Discover and unlock your superhuman potential

  • Learn to tap in your highest vibration


Each Healing Sessions which may include: 

  • Solar Plexus Clearing and Confidence 

  • Power Up 

  • Resetting the Nervous System 

  • Ancestral/Intergenerational Healing 

  • Soul Retrieval 

  • Aura Cleansing 

  • Amplification of Your Intentions/Desires 

  • Cord Cutting

How to prepare

Take a moment to get clear with your intentions and any energy that you're ready to release because it does not serve you. Prior to your session come hydrated with a light meal or snack 1-2 hours before your scheduled time. Avoid stimulants and alcohol on the day of your healing.

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Heal With Me

Virtual or in-person.

Activate your highest potential in a powerful and transformational healing session with Drea.


Slow down and get clear on

current and future intentions.

Retreat with me or book me

for your event.

Let's work together

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