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Sat, Mar 13


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Become an Unf*ckwitable Empath

Learn how to become unf*ckwitable with 14 daily emails and just ten minutes every morning.

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Become an Unf*ckwitable Empath
Become an Unf*ckwitable Empath

Time & Location

Mar 13, 2021, 1:11 AM PST – Mar 26, 2021, 5:11 AM PDT

In your Inbox

About the Event

Do you let your empathy get the best of you?

  • Is your energy easily drained being around people?
  • Are you over being a people pleaser?
  • Do you feel like you're always walking on eggshells?
  • Are you an energy vampire magnet?
  • Are you hiding your feelings with alcohol, drugs, or food?
  • Are you overwhelmed when making decisions
  •  Do you find yourself going against your intution causing you to feel out of alignment with your desires and life's purpose.

The key to being an Unf*ckwitable Empath is learning how to co-regulate your nervous sytem to self-correct and balance your physical, mental, emotional, and spritual bodies.This can be achieved by WINNING YOUR MORNING!

The first hour of your day is pivotal so you can move through your day with grace and ease. 

I want to help you become unstoppable empath with this 14 day mini course you'll receive a daily email with mini-lessons, meditations, and journal prompts. All I ask is you commit to winning your morning and opening your Rise and Shine email and doing each excercise.

This FREE mini course is for you if you want to:

  • Learn how to create a winning morning with ritual and intention
  • It's important for you to call your power back
  • Commit to your healing process
  • Say NO without guilt
  • Trust your intutition
  • Become a magical manifestor
  • Attract genuine relationships
  • Want to feel energized, clear, and peaceful

The 14 day Mini Course Outline:

  • 1 hour Opening (3/13) and Closing Zoom Ceremony (3/27)
  • Rise and Shine - Win Your Morning Daily Emails - Just 10 minutes of your morning will set you up to WIN your day
  • Each emaill contains mini-lessons, meditations, journal prompts or rituals
  • FB group community where we can come together as Empaths to cheer each other on, hold space for the process and amplify the Unf*ckwithable energy.
  • FB LIVE Q&As

After this course, you'll start to:

  • Find and develop personal boundaries
  • Co-regulate your nervous system
  • Tap into your dharma
  • Honor yourself
  • Be confident when you're making decsions
  • Consider your energy as your priority
  • Trust yourself and the universe
  • Get clear with your desires and needs 

The story behind why I created the Becoming Unf*ckwitable Mini Course.

About eight years ago, I was a hot mess. I was working my dream job as a documentary television producer, and I was absolutely miserable.

I was a people pleaser, who didn't know how to speak up.

I was choking on never sharing my truth. Too afraid of what other people might think.

I turned to excessive behavior with alcohol, food and spending. I had no idea I was numbing out, bypassing all the ways I was feeling inside. After some rough times, I bumped into a Reiki Master and she could just tell I was oozing with stagnant and blocked energy. My healings with her made me realize I was a healer myself with the superpower of feeling everything. At first, I was pretty convinced my empathy was a burden.

"Why do I have to be the one to carry everyone else sh*t?!"

"Why am I so emotional, and can't control it?"

"Why am I sick and tired of being sick and tired?"

After several dark nights of the soul and spiritual awakenings, I was seeking external validation because I didn't trust my own. I followed the crowd and I didn't make waves because I was terrifed of confrontation or upsetting someone. My empathy has been a safety mechanism and also a wall I've put up so I can avoid intimacy with other people.

I was done playing victim to my circumstances and became committed to heal and set out on a quest to find out all the information I could 🧐  on how I could learn to set my boudaries, build my confidence, and speak my truth without the fear of being burned at the stake.

What I learned, is it all starts with how you start your day. When you win your morning you win your day. Each day you win, creates new habits and new neural pathways to help you lead a more positive, energetic, and empowered way of being.

Allow your empathy to be your greatest superpower.

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