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Tue, Jun 15



Protecting Your Light & Creating Your 3 Feet of Peace

A Conversation Between Healers - Free Interactive Class

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Protecting Your Light & Creating Your 3 Feet of Peace

Time & Location

Jun 15, 2021, 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM PDT


About the Event

The world is opening up again, which means it's time to emerge from our cocoons where we've been learning to heal and grow. As a sensitive soul myself, I went on a week-long road trip only to realize I have no idea what I was thinking when I thought I could just simply go "back to normal".

After a year of minimal contact, I was bombarded with a rush of other people's energy. What I learned is we really need to have our energetic boundaries and spiritual practices on point as we re-integrate into society.

What I've also learned over the pandemic is just how energetically sensitive I really am. If you're familiar with Human Design I'm a very open projector with only two defined centers. So for most of my life I've had my auric gates open without any clue that I have control of what flows in and what flows out. This time alone in the mountains allows me to understand what exactly is my energy and what's not. It's important to practice energetic sovereignty by reclaiming and recalling back our energy.

Why is this important right now?

As the world is opening up we are being bombarded with information, opinions, and other people’s energy. The pandemic was the start of a paradigm shift. Knowing yourself and committing to healing yourself is how we're going to fully integrate the paradigm shift to save the planet.

The collective trauma we just experienced is going to need as many lightworkers, healers, and community builders online and activated to support the influx of people that are about to WAKE THE FUCK UP and have their own spiritual awakenings and they're going to need us to create the safe container for them to heal.

This is why my Reiki sister Vero Pedroza, and I are inviting you to join us in a free masterclass, PROTECTING YOUR LIGHT AND CREATING YOUR THREE FEET OF PEACE.

We are hosting a masterclass on June 15 to help you re-enter the world with confidence, strong boundaries, and radiance with Spiriutal Hygiene and Energetic Sovereignty

Spiritual Hygiene will teach you:

  • How to notice when you’re taking on energy from your surroundings
  • What being in your own energy feels like for you
  • How to cleanse and maintain your aura with practical tools and guided meditations

Energetic Sovereignty will teach you:

  • How to connect to your truth - heart coherence exercise
  • How to start making decisions based on your inner truth instead of someone else's opinions (anything outside of you)
  • How to recall your energy/power -guided meditation

You can master your energy to harness your inner strength to walk powerfully and confidently in the world. Begin to feel more connected to your body by adding some practical tools to your routine self-care.You will leave this masterclass feeling refreshed and supported in your power.

This is for you if:

  • You're an empath or highly sensitive person. Turn this burden into your superpower by learning how to harness that power within.
  • You've just had an awakening and want to learn how to navigate through the waters of your spiritual evolution. False light is real and we have to discern about spiritual practices.
  • You're a healer, intuitive, coach, or practitioner. We're here to serve and we can't serve from empty cups. You're in your vocation for a reason, you care for others and that can be draining if your spiritual practices aren't on lock.

Sign up for our FREE masterclass now because you need these tools to navigate and support the new paradigm.

When: June 15 at 4:30 - 6:30 PM Pacific

Where: Zoom

BONUS: Everyone that attends the conversation with Vero and Drea will recieve a Free Reiki Share Meditation/Healing on a TBD date.

Can't Make It?:

Free replay is available for 48 hrs for viewing.





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