Reiki Energy Healing


The first session is 90 minutes, we start with a one-on-one assessment of your energy field and health history.  
You'll receive a chakra balancing, aura clearing, and dig a layer deeper targeting specific issues.
Walk away with a personalized method to continue your healing journey and inspired action plan to keep your energy balanced and empowered.

First Visit 90 Min - $177


60 Min Healing - $125

45 Min Distant Healing - $60


$10 Add-ons:

- Rapid Release Deep Tissue Massage

- "Starts with a Spark" Plant Medicine (Cannabis)


$25 Add-on

-Relaxing and detoxifying foot soak and foot massage


Prenatal Energy Healing


Andrea recently became a first-time mother. She attributes her healthy, pain-free, and easy pregnancy to her Reiki practice. Maintaining a stress-free environment allows a woman's body to create life. In contrast, when the body is under stress it is fighting to protect the baby instead of developing its growth. 


Enjoy the endless benefits of energy balancing and aura cleansing. Your baby receives the benefits too as you both create a deeper bond through energy work. 

First Visit 90 Min - $177

60 Min Healing - $125

45 Min Distance Healing - $60

Create a monthly plan and $ave!​


This work is available to all mamas. Contact if you're experiencing financial hardship.

Conscious Mother Coaching 

7-week coaching program for mothers experiencing trauma after birth.
We will go deep, unlocking your inner goddess warrior. 
During your sessions release fears, anxiety, and doubt while we explore spirituality and the relationships that matter to us most. Build trust with your inner knowing as Drea guides you to create the life you most desire.
Practice ritual and self-care.
Your video chat/phone sessions include Reiki, intuitive readings, and  Theta healing therapy.
Ready to create a joyful, centered stress-free container for you and your family?

Contact Drea for your free discovery call, details and pricing.




It Starts With A Spark
Spiritual Guidance
Experiencing an awakening can feel unfamiliar and lonely. Everyday more and more people are waking up with the realization that there's got to be something better than the status quo.
You may have a lot of questions, there's a lot of information out there and much of it can be quite contradictory.
I'm here to show you all the answers are within you. I'll help you discover your inner lost knowledge.
Drea is here to support, uplift, and empower you on your spiritual path. A blend of spiritual coaching, and energy healing we'll use tools such as plant medicine, intuitive guidance,  manifestation exercises, and meditation. We will work with your spirit guides to break negative patterns and sever all that no longer serves your highest good. 

Schedule your complimentary call and Drea will customize a program just for you! 


Learn to be your own healer.
Working with Drea is like having a nurturing mother cheering you on as you reach your highest potential. 
Group Meditation, Events and Private Parties
Available for group meditations, workshops and reiki healings. 
Andrea has facilitated unique, interactive, and joyful group meditations and workshops. Find you how to create energy to be your own healer, learn about the benefits of crystals, and practice the alchemy of manifesting your desires.
Booking a retreat or festival? Drea is a reliable, nurturing, and fun addition to your next event!

Rates vary. Contact Andrea for more info regarding collaborations, corporate healings and meditations, partnerships, and events/festivals.

Reiki is a unique and special treat for any party, blessing way/baby shower, grand opening, and so much more.