Hello Dear One,

Are you a Lightworker who feels stuck, overwhelmed, or lost?


Do you want to build confidence BY owning your psychic gifts, start your own business, and finally leave your normie job?


Crystalline Alchemy is a course for Lightworkers who are ready to break out of their 9-5, become their own boss, and make money.


Starting 1/11/2021 I’m launching Crystalline Alchemy, a 4-week course for Lightworkers who are ready to exit the matrix of your 9 to 5, become your own boss and fully own your lightwork. This course is for you if you’ve felt the fear of uncertainty about stepping out of your comfort zone to become a healer, psychic, or coach.

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It is no coincidence that you find yourself here.

You're making a conscious choice to shift your vibration and create powerful change in your life. 

So... what is quantum healing, exactly?

Quantum healing is a highly effective, multi-dimensional healing modality that aligns your thoughts and emotions with your intentions. During your experience, you will be heard, seen, and nurtured. Together we align your body mind and soul with the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed, a one-of-a-kind technology using sound, frequency, and vibration.

Think of yourself as a computer. Sometimes it's overloaded with information and we have a million tabs open and running bogging down the system and no longer are you running at an optimal level. We will actively go through your files and move anything that's no longer serving you into the trash can.

Working with me is a HARD RESET! I’ve created a bespoke coaching and energy healing experience with the intention to help you live your most radiant life. You'll leave feeling lighter, calmer, and inspired.

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~Identify and heal intergenerational/ancestral conditioning and patterning

~Feel confident and embody your fullest expression

~Align your thoughts and emotions with your intentions
~Remove blockages keeping you from stepping into your greatness
~Reframe your linguistics and shift the lens of your perspective
~Transform your relationship with yourself

~Develop more profound relationships with family, lovers, and friends
~Explore your extra-sensory gifts and strengthen your intuition with simple techniques
~Leave with practical applications that suit your daily life

Are you ready to say “FUCK YES!” to yourself and your life's mission?

Do you want to live in your authentic truth by remembering your power?


Have you been secretly hiding in the broom closet and ready to live your purpose as a Lightworker, Witch, Mystic, or Psychic?

If this is you, welcome!


My name is Andrea Aguilar and I’m a Filipinx Quantum Energy Healer and Transformational Coach. 


I'm here to help you access your innate self-healing powers. I consider this sacred decolonization work that enables me to honor my ancestors... and you to honor yours!

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"I was always a skeptic until I met Drea, her energy is so open and grounded and just immediately you feel so safe. For me a session with Drea is like being able to do therapy with your deep subconscious and connect your own thoughts and instincts in a way that you can’t typically access in day to day life."


...I was destroyed and couldn’t get my mind to a place of peace! That all changed when Andrea INSISTED I take a few hours for myself to help me see things that I so needed in my life.

Two hours with Drea and the Crystal Bed has translated into a lifetime of awakening and enlightenment." 


"The beautiful Rose room she has created is divine and the crystal healing bed is such a gift and portal of transformation and so happy for anyone that should experience its sacred magic. It is deeply relaxing, relieving all tension and has a way of opening one to the wonder, creativity, visions, joy and universal one love! It's that powerful. "

“The quantum field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being.” 

Dr. Joe Dispenza

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