What is Micro Majik?

Ready for a total human upgrade?
In this 9-week microdosing program, you'll up-level every area of your life by getting out of survival mode and learning and implementing the secrets of manifestation with the help of our fantastic fungi friends.
The truth about manifestation and living the life you desire is that you can talk about it, journal about it, visualize and meditate about it all you want, and nothing will really happen until you can radically, at a core level, be about that life. Microdosing will get from surviving to thriving.

What is Microdosing?


Microdosing is the intentional use of psilocybin in doses low enough that it will not produce "whole-body effects" or "trips", but high enough to allow for cellular and nervous system responses that will produce physiological, emotional and spiritual healing while minimizing undesirable side effects.

This subtle method can provide transformative results, especially when done with the community and accountability in a group setting.

Microdosing, when done properly and integrated, will provide you with the acceleration that you need to get you from where you are to where you're destined to go, it will accelerate the work you've already done on yourself to get to this point.

Benefits of Microdosing


  • Improved concentration and focus
  •  Getting into the flow State
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased overall awareness
  • More balanced mood
  • Better decision-making abilities 
  • Less procrastination


  • More presence
  • Increased openness
  • Increased sense of wonder
  • Increased sense of belonging
  • Increased sense of unity
  • Increased connection with spirituality and/or life mission
  • Increased gratitude for life


  •  Increased emotional awareness
  •  Greater emotional connection with people 
  •  Decrease in depression 
  •  Increased peace and calm
  •  Heightened states of love, compassion and forgiveness
  •  Getting out of fight or flight mode
  •  More positive and creative mindset 


  • Improved sleep
  •  More physical energy
  •  Enhanced sensory perceptio
  •  Reduced premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  •  Decreased pain levels
  •  Better connection with your body
  •  Support in quitting smoking and other addictions
  •  Feeling lighter

Microdosing & Your Brain

As humans we have a tendency towards fight or flight. For some it's very low level, while others it's more prominent. 
For some it comes in bursts, while others experience it for extended periods of time. The fact is that as humans it's a part of our experience... good times, eh?
Over time what happens is that your brain, and your nervous system learn that it's normal and familiar and therefore it craves more of it... more good times, and eventually fight or flight-based neural pathways emerge, and "survival mode" becomes the norm... even better times...
When that becomes normal, the patterns and the behaviors that you exhibit through your subconscious become ingrained and those neural pathways are now the essentially the roadmap that you operate from. We can all agree this is less than ideal and can cause you to operate from survival mode the majority of the time.

Microdosing & Your Brain

The neural pathways that came from "survival mode" disconnect and new neural pathways form because you're living your normal day; going to work, being in your relationships, practicing your self care rituals, all NOT from a place of fight or flight.
This is taking advantage of the wonderful neuroplasticity of your brain and relearning new ways of being, new ways of behaving, and new ways of showing up for yourself and others.
Microdosing psilocybin removes you from the addiction of fight or flight, and the accompanying stress of existing in survival mode. You begin to show up over time as the highest vibration version of yourself; operating from new neural pathways in place that have been made without being in fight or flight, without being in survival mode.
Now we're talking REALLY good times. Welcome home and back to your highest timeline.



  • Proper dosage, protocols, and supplements to enhance your experience
  • History of magic mushrooms and their benefits for overall human optimization 
  • Devotional rituals and practices
  • How to self-regulate your nervous system
  • Communication skills that will enhance all your relationship
  • How to be the most embodied, dynamic, and present version of yourself              
  • Cultivating compassion and understanding for yourself and others             

This is for you if...



  • Your curious about microdosing or would like accountability and guidance with your current microdosing practice 
  • You're ready to take your manifestation skills to the next level and truly understand the secrets to creating the life of your dreams
  • You want to be surrounded by community who get you and speak your language so you can stop feeling like you need to translate the language of your soul
  • You're ready to take radical responsibility for your life and heal the parts of you that leave you feeling stuck, stagnant and unworthy 
  • You want to get out of survival mode and feel more present and connected to your core and your life

Choose Your Adventure

Early Bird Micro Magic Base Package:


Access to all group calls, course materials, and community support thread.



Early Bird Price >>> $1800 {before 4/1}


Full Price >>> $2,400 {After 4/1}

***payment plans available



Early Bird Total Human Upgrade Package 

Basic Micro Magic Package plus:

  • 2 60-minute private coaching calls with Drea and Sam
  • 1 Private Reiki-infused 90-minute Transcnd Breathwork Journey
  • Private one on one Voxer or Marco Polo coaching

 ***Calls and breathwork can be used at any time during the course and scheduled at your convenience.

Early Bird Price >>> $3200 {Before 4/1}

Full Price >>> $4,000 {After 4/1}

***Payment plans available


*Payment plans available

Ceremonial Upgrade

Early Bird Macro Majik Upgrade

Full overnight mushroom ceremony after the completion of the 9-week Micro Majik Program

Ceremony begins at 6pm and ends at 11am the following day.


  • Opening ceremony & grounding meditation
  • Intention setting ceremony
  • Mushroom Ceremony
  • Late-night snacks & celebration
  • Breakfast the next day
  • Integration and sharing circle
  • Closing ceremony
  • Group Integration call 1-week post ceremony
  • Group breathwork journey 2 weeks post ceremony  

Early Bird Pricing Valid until 4/15

Macro Magic Mushroom Ceremony > $550

***$400 discount off full price for being in Micro Majik

Macro Majik Upgrade

*Price after 4/15


Full overnight mushroom ceremony after the completion of the 9-week Micro Majik Program

Ceremony begins at 6pm and ends at 11am the following day.


  • Opening ceremony & grounding meditation
  • Intention setting ceremony
  • Mushroom Ceremony
  • Late-night snacks & celebration
  • Breakfast the next day
  • Integration and sharing circle
  • Closing ceremony
  • Group Integration call 1-week post ceremony
  • Group breathwork journey 2 weeks post ceremony  

Macro Magic Mushroom Ceremony > $750

***$400 discount off full price for being in Micro Majik



"I started working with Drea and Sam in April of 2022. Until I started working with them, I didn’t know what it meant or how it felt to have someone hold space for ALL of me. When I was invited to participate in the Unlock The Secret 8-week MD cohort, I was all in! I had never experienced mushroom medicine in any dose, so I had NO idea what to expect, but I knew I would be safe and held no matter what came up. Dose days are full of teachings and realizations and the days in between are full of sitting with and integrating those lessons. The weekly calls are so beneficial and full of practical knowledge that can be implemented and used in everyday life. I have loved working with our group and seeing how we have all grown in this together. I did this with my spouse and it has transformed our relationship. I’m so grateful for the experience and recommend this to anyone who is looking for more in this life. It’s right in front of you!"

~Lynn-Marie B.

"If you haven't had the pleasure of working with Sam and Drea yet, let me start by saying that individually they are masterful, magical and inspirational multidimensional beings. Together they offer incredibly potent healing portals and containers. This is a divine duo, and when you choose to say yes to working with them, you are opening yourself up to the remembrance of who you truly are and why you're here."
~Maddie B.

Ready To Break Through The Glass Ceiling? 

This is your opportunity to truly claim your power and step into the life you've been calling in.
Micro Majik™ is the catalyst to make this year the best year of your life in your relationships, career, finances, and adventure.
Make this decision for your ancestors, yourself and the generations that will follow you.

Meet Your Facilitators

Drea Aguilar and Sam Gibbs Morris are the founders of Love, Sex & Psychedelics where they help human BEings expand their consciousness, and become embodied in their presence.
They do this through facilitating psychedelic ceremonies and doing deep integration work with their students.
They also guide their students through deep inner work to cultivate the experience of safety and trust in their bodies, minds, and souls through spiritual connection and real-world teachings. 
In addition to that, they also host domestic and international fully immersive retreats that invite the participants to fully surrendr, and learn to deeply trust and to fall in love with themselves and their life.


They are the hosts of the rapidly rising podcast 'Love, Sex & Psychedelics where they discuss everything from enjoying life to deep psychedelic journeys to their personal journey of sacred union.


Module Breakdown

Pre Ceremony Preparation


Week 1 - Visions of the Future

This is the entry point for not only the next 9 weeks, for the rest of your life. This is where you commit to accessing your capital "T" Truth, your authentic being, and alignmnt to your NorthStar. This week we will teach you about the basics of microdosing and guide you through establishing rituals to support this journey.

Week 2 - Clear the Way and Say Goodbye to your BS

This week we are going to dive deep into the ocean of energy. We are energetic beings, so it's very important for us to look at where we're leaking energy. Our energy is our most precious resource- we must protect it. We are always in a dance with internal and external energetic feedback loops and in this module, we will be teaching you how to nourish and manage your energy.


Week 3 -  Owning & Being About Your Truth

Welcome to The Full Fuck Yes Frequncy. In these teachings we're going to get clear about your core values and your standards. When you are rock solid about your values and standards, you open up massive amounts of bandwidth that will lead you to personal fulfillment and radical alignmnt with your NorthStar.


Week 4 - The Physics of Manifestation

This week will be teaching about how IT' S ALL a beautiful fucking ceremony. There are no exceptions. We will be discussing how we can make the unconscious conscious with his approach and get locked in to the importance of an intentional morning ritual and how a regulated nervous is your greatest ally and your anchor.

Week 5 - Breathwork

This week is about getting high on your own supply. We will guide you through a beautiful reiki-infused breathwork journey that will facilitate the release of stored and stuck emotions and traumas from your body.

Week 6 - The Physics of Manifestation

This week we will be focusing on balance and the foundational energies of the masculine and feminine and how they relate to your 5 bodies- spiritual, emotional, joyful, mental, and physical. We will teach you centering techniques to maintain balanced and grounded energy.


Week 7 - Own Your Truth

This week is about taking radical ownership of your choices, your behaviors, and your life. We will introduce teachings based on the power of choice and how it's always available to you, recognizing that challenges are always growth opportunities, and cultivating gratitude.


Week 8 - Falling In Love With Yourself

The time has come to tap into the fullest and most beautiful expression of you. To cultivate this we will be teaching about all things consciousness and how feeling your feelings creates coherence with emotional regulation.


Week 9 - The Art of Celebration & Closing Ceremony

The final week is about celebration and joy; the magic bullets to creating and manifesting the life of your dreams. This week is about celebrating all your wins and seeking out all the things that bring you joy. We will conclude by talking about the next steps and how to integrate the Micro Majik Experience.