what's is a mushroom

sleepover ceremony?

Are you in deep desire for play & lots of laughter?
In this overnight mushroom ceremony, you'll up-level every area of your life by getting out of survival mode, into play-mode,  learning + implementing the ways of play and fun with the help of our fantastic fungi friends.
The truth about living the life you desire is that you can talk about it, journal about it, visualize and meditate about it all you want, and nothing will really happen until you can radically, at a core level, be about that life. This sleepover ceremony is about getting you to remember what it feels like to be in a state of authentic play, coming back to your inner child.
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meet your facilitator

Drea Aguilar helps  human BEings expand their consciousness, and become embodied in their presence.
She does this through facilitating psychedelic ceremonies and doing deep integration work with her students.
She also guides her students through deep inner work to cultivate the experience of safety and trust in their bodies, minds, and souls through spiritual connection and real-world teachings. 

the adventure!


September 30 - October 1 

Are you ready embark in a transformative journey of self discovery and taking? Join us at the Mushroom Sleepover, a unique group ceremony designed to nurture your inner child through play curiosity and creativity


this experience is for you if... 


If you crave healing in community. We provide a safe, supportive container, filed with like-minded souls. Together we'll create an environment where you can truly heal and grow. 

If you desire neural rewiring. We are going to unlock the power to rewire your neural network, paving the way for positive change and a renewed sense of self.

If you are seeking a nervous system reset. Plan on restoring balance to your nervous system, allowing you to approach life with newfound ease and resilience.


what to expect 


Guidied inner child healing ceremoines

immersive play and exploration

creative expression through art and music 

connection to nature

shared experiences with a supportive communit

Benefits of Mushrooms


  • Improved concentration and focus
  •  Getting into the flow State
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased overall awareness
  • More balanced mood
  • Better decision-making abilities 
  • Less procrastination


  • More presence
  • Increased openness
  • Increased sense of wonder
  • Increased sense of belonging
  • Increased sense of unity
  • Increased connection with spirituality and/or life mission
  • Increased gratitude for life


  •  Increased emotional awareness
  •  Greater emotional connection with people 
  •  Decrease in depression 
  •  Increased peace and calm
  •  Heightened states of love, compassion and forgiveness
  •  Getting out of fight or flight mode
  •  More positive and creative mindset 


  • Improved sleep
  •  More physical energy
  •  Enhanced sensory perceptio
  •  Reduced premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  •  Decreased pain levels
  •  Better connection with your body
  •  Support in quitting smoking and other addictions
  •  Feeling lighter
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This is for you if...


  • Your curious about checking back in your inner child and remembering what it was like to play
  • You're ready to take your manifestation skills to the next level and truly understand the secrets to creating the life of your dreams
  • You want to be surrounded by community who get you and speak your language so you can stop feeling like you need to translate the language of your soul
  • You're ready to take radical responsibility for your life and heal the parts of you that leave you feeling stuck, stagnant and unworthy 
  • You want to get out of survival mode and feel more present and connected to your core and your life
im ready for the sleepover!