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5 Things I Learned on My 38th Birthday

My top 5 lessons from our Beltane Birthday Celebration

  1. Quality over Quantity

  2. Don't Shame Yourself for Living Your Life

  3. Community is everything

  4. Everything IS easy and graceful

  5. Slow the eff down!

The best time of the year for me is my birthday! Ryan and I are just three days apart and on either side of the fertility celebration of Beltane. As the world is opening up again, the biggest thing I've craved all year is the connection and presence I feel when I'm at a conscious festival like Burning Man.

Since moving to Lake Arrowhead last June and only knowing one person living up here, our conscious community organically came together. I really wanted to have a birthday dinner on our lovely dirt road right in front of our house. I planted the seed with my community, and BOOM, my dinner gathering turned into 4-days of pleasure, fun, and connection!

Here are the things I learned from my birthday.

Quality over Quantity

When the pieces started to come together for our healing festival, I wanted to call in all the people I loved from DTH (down the hill). Before Covid, I loved throwing parties and events with the mentality of "the more people, the better." Well, the mountain works in mysteri