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How I Use The Power Of The Full Moon

As a girl, I would stare out the car window at night watching the moon follow us home. I was always mesmerized how it illuminated everything it touched. I believed my mother lived on the moon. I never knew her because she passed when I was still a toddler, so she totally had the potential of being an interdimensional being and I was ripped away from her. Every night I listened to "Somewhere Out There". I hoped the moon heard my cries to reunite us. You may have heard that the full moon made people crazy because crime rates would spike and emergency rooms would fill up. If the moon's gravity affects the ocean's tide, imagine what the effects are to our human bodies made up of 70% water! I began to learn about the power of the moon on my spiritual journey. It was so enlightening. I've learned to use to take advantage of the phases for release, completion of my goals, and manifesting my desires.

Somewhere Out There "American Tail"

Release and Clear

The full moon is the best time to release of all stagnant energy in our body! I like to get healings, sit in circle with my friends, be out in nature, and get moving. Even when I'm working or too busy to hold a ritual, I'll try and catch the moon rise and feel it's energy come over my body.

This is also a great time to cleanse your physical space, your crystals, and cut cords that are attached to anything no longer serving your highest good. Smudge your home with your favorite cleansing plant or wood. Lay your crystals outside for a clearing, and while you're at it bathe in the moonlight yourself. See its white light washing over you making your bright, shiny and new. Last night, under the Taurus Full Moon in Scorpio I took a small group of my friends up to an overlook and we danced.

The Full Moon Signals Completion

The full moon is the end of a cycle. It reminds me that everything at one point will come to an end. I like to take this time to pay gratitude for the lessons that support my growth. Take pleasure to be present with my accomplishments. As the moon wanes slow down with the intention to relax, restore and review. Meditate and go inward.

Keep a journal to free write as you take a look at the passing cycle. My best realizations happen when I'm relaxed and present. I'm not worried about what has happened or will happen. I'm just existing in now, noticing the blessings that find me in unexpected ways.

Moon Manifestations

Since learning about the moon's cycle two years ago, I noticed my own "moon" was following the phases! When I began to track my cycle I always had my period on the full moon. Then one day it did a total 180 and ovulated during full moons. Ryan and I decided to have a baby in Spring 2017. We prepared our bodies and mind for my ovulation during the May Flower Moon. We ate better, spent less time our phones and enjoyed our time together as a family of two. We held a ceremony at Point Dume beach in Malibu and got to "work" all weekend. We were pregnant on our first try.

It's actually best to set intentions during a new moon, which we inadvertently did. I received a clear message from the universe, that it was time to have a baby. I texted Ryan simply, "We need to talk," followed by baby emoji. So word of advice be careful and be aware of what you're wishing, it can come up in a snap and BOOM. Life changed forever.

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