How to Protect Yourself Against the Coronavirus

All right, so I wasn’t going to bring this up, but here it goes. I’m not going to talk about the virus itself because it’s not an actual pandemic threat, this isn’t the black plague but similar to the flu. I’m talking about the energy this subject is carrying around. I was at the library with Zephyr and got trapped in the middle of a conversation filled with fear, confusion, and hysteria. My stress level immediately went up the roof because of the weight of this conversation. For empaths and sensitives, this subject is palpable, and quite frankly an energy suck.

Everything from our physical being to our words, thoughts, and emotion is a vibration. With that in mind, be aware of what vibrations you are exposing yourself to.

If you're attuned to the vibration of "I'm going to get sick" "This is going to cause harm" "What if I die?" We're adding to the collective vibration of stress and fear. The most powerful thing you can do right now is combating this lower frequency with positive thoughts & feelings. Remember, your vibe is contagious. Spread love and joy because its reverence is one of the highest of frequencies!

Here’s how you can protect yourself from the frequency of the coronavirus.

🛑 Turn off the news, mute your social media. The mass media loves to blow things out of proportion because it keeps our frequency in a state of fear and stress. The media is causing everyone to be frantic to the point where the topic of conversation is everyone hoarding and stockpiling for end times. It’s interesting that we have grocery shortages during March, which is statistically the slowest economic time of the year. How convenient. 🤔

🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️ Pattern interrupt. This hot topic needs to be diffused by changing the subject. I love the way @activationvibration explains this. There is no need to guilt anyone when they start talking about coronavirus, gently and subtly turn the issue into something else. Ask inquisitive questions about the other person or switch to something positive and uplifting.

At the library, it wasn’t my conversation, I removed myself from the situation.

✂️ Cut the cord. Maintain your energy, cut your cords from the vibration of coronavirus. Here’s a simple way to uncord yourself:

Imagine white light all around, dissolving all energy that doesn’t serve your highest good. See this cord or rope of energy disappearing before your very eyes. Like the Thanos snap, 💁‍♀️, gone.

🥦🌿🍄 Eat high vibrational foods and be on the defense with supplements, essential oils, and fresh organic diet. In our home, we supplement with @doterra ON GUARD, a 1/2 teaspoon of manuka honey, and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Hope these tips are helpful Lightworkers! We got this!