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Make "Shift" Happen

Welcome to Conscious Mother! I'm a first-time mama, healer and global citizen. To celebrate my new site, I'll be creatively challenging myself by sharing posts for the next 22 days!

I’m eight months postpartum and I’m finally feeling good… scratch that I feel empowered. Tired, but empowered! It’s as if I’ve finished installing system upgrades, unlocking parts of me I’ve only witnessed glimpses of before. I now know just how difficult it is to get back to your old self, especially when the needs of your little one will always come first. Now that I feel like I could to move mountains again, I’m ready to be of service assisting others with Reiki. My mission to help people release their wounds and find their joy through embodying our authentic selves. I felt a major change in energy this last month, my creativity came alive and I was given a boost of confidence to trust my path and share my experiences. In a matter of days I got my website together and feel it is time to share my experiences as a conscious mother to my son, myself and the planet.

I’ve always fascinated by storytelling. I studied film, theater and communication and have always been shared stories through the lens of a camera. But there have been instances in my life where I was made to feel that my story wasn’t valid. I was put down for wanting to capture moments I treasured whether it be in writing, art or film. Every time I was told no, I was led to value myself less. Well, I’m not letting that in my interrupt my flow any longer. I’ve put myself up for the challenge before, and I’m going to do it again by committing to writing and sharing everyday for the next 22 days. Why 22 days? 22 and 222 have been showing up in my field more than once a day as of late, so I'm going with it.

The writings may be short, with baby and all, but it will be something! Things to look forward to, I’ll my story and healing journey. Talk plenty about Zephyr and motherhood. And what it means to me to live mindfully.

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