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Updated: Oct 27, 2018

I used to be scared of my son's astrology chart.

Photo by Francesca Rae

This Taurus full moon, on 10/24 PST is here as we welcome the beginning of Scorpio season. Scorpio is the opposite sign of grounded Taurus. Scorpio is here to bring some intense shake-ups, forcing us to transform. This year, I've been going through a major transformation as I'm faced with the most accelerated healing process of my life to show up for Zephyr in the way he deserves.

My Sun is in Taurus, so I'm quite familiar with her characteristics. To be honest, I still know little about Scorpios. They are known to be passionate, fierce, and mysterious. Probably why I don't know much about them! Zephyr's moon falls in Scorpio. During my long labor, I would check what sign his moon might possibly be. As it got closer to the sign of Scorpio, I became worried we weren't going to mesh! What am I going to do with a baby boy who's Sun is in Aquarius and Moon in Scorpio?

Well, I'm learning to witness Zephyr's intensity. There is passion behind his every action! Before his birth, it was always clear to me that Zephyr is a rainbow child. Rainbow children chose stable parents, have little to no karma, are intuitive and are here to be in service to humanity. Zephyr's mission here is to be a steward of the great shift we're having on Earth. It's not yet clear to us what his role in this change will be, but I'm here to observe his gifts, guide him, support him and be his grounding force.

With the intense energies we're experiencing, I have extra energy and I find myself more in tune with the rhythm of the universe. Blessed with mommy strength! I was hard on myself postpartum. Comparing my experience to other mothers, who were holding it down like a boss. They seemed like had a better handle with balancing their new life with baby, career, healing their body and relationships. My birth plan was ripped to shreds and I was resentful. I held on to my story of a traumatic birth and it was crippling me. I felt as if I was swirling in a whirlpool. After investing in my health and self-care, I was started to forgive myself and heal.

Zephyr's Aquarian mind combined with the intensity of his Scorpio moon will propel him to be part of the revolution this world needs. I'm so looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds.

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