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Ormus White Gold, Food of the Gods

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

I learned about Ormus, while I was pregnant. Ormus, is daily supplement, containing noble metals which naturally occurs in our body. Ingesting Ormus is said to improve your health, relieve stress, and even bring you closer to Divine states of consciousness. Of course I had to know more, what even is this magical potion?

Ormus, also known as white gold, is an acronym for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements. It’s a process that separates noble metals out of seawater, elements include cobalt, nickel, copper, silver, platinum and gold. These elements are found in water, rocks and air even in our body.

Ormus is a liquid solution of monoatomic minerals, a collection of unbound atoms, and because of this formation, or lack thereof, esoteric philosophies believe Ormus could be the bridge between matter and spirit - the elixir of life. Ancient Egyptians extracted Ormus in pursuit of Ormus’ alchemical properties to create “The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus, or “That which issues from the mouth of the creator.” You may have heard it referred as the Philosopher's Stone, turning any metal into gold.

Throughout ancient times, Ormus has been used for “expanding consciousness, heightening abilities of the leaders, and as part of ceremonies.” Devotees also believe benefits include helping induce the Theta brain state, that sweet spot between awake and dreaming, perfect for healing and manifestation. Ormus is anti-aging, balances the chakras, relaxes the nervous system, and balances the brain’s hemispheres.

It was a full-bodies yes for me to give ormus a try. Based on Amazon reviews, I picked up a bottle Atomic Ormus.*

Here’s the product description from Amazon:

Atomic Ormus is rendered using the "Egyptian Wet Method". Dr. Masaru Emoto's work has proven that water has the ability to be programmed with intentions. During conception Atomic Ormus is energetically programmed with the powerful intentions of healing the body, repairing damaged DNA, and accelerating the evolution of the human consciousness on all levels by our Resident Alchemist and Certified Reiki Master.

Suspended Solutions is proud to present Atomic Ormus, our premium monoatomic mineral supplement. Our Ormus can enhance memory, vitality, and rejuvenate the body. It has been known to speed up the process of decalcifying the Pineal Gland. It comes with an EMF free Storage pouch. Atomic Ormus is great for enhanced meditations and can increase your body's natural healing abilities.

Alchemy without the powerful intentions of a Spiritual Master is just Chemistry.

⚠ IMPORTANT NOTE ⚠ Atomic Ormus is not the same for everyone. Some users will experience effects immediately, while others it may take weeks or even months. This is NORMAL with any supplement.

Find out more on their website.

My Experience

Having the bottle in my hand I could immediately tap into the energy. It felt penetrating, it was warm, and felt really good. I began taking three droppers full each day with water. I noticed I felt more grounded and focused. I noticed my stress levels decrease. My dreams were extremely vivid during the first week. I felt a stronger connection with the Earth. I started sharing it with friends, clients and attendees of my workshops.

Postpartum, I'm only taking Ormus about once a week. And over time I did notice the energy's strength from the bottle diminish. I'm almost down to the bottom of the bottle and for my new bottle I'll make sure to consume it in a more timely manner.

With further research, Ormus is said to create amazing crops, which I’m going to test myself and share the results.

*The Ormus product is linked as an Amazon affiliate, purchasing through the link will support me and this page. If you’re interested in trying Ormus, please discern which maker is resonates best with you.


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