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Sacred Plant Medicine: Rapéh (“ha-peh”)

I only learned about sacred plant medicine about three years ago. I had no idea that people, since the beginning of mankind, joined together in these plant ceremonies to heal, connect and communicate with higher consciousness. I've always felt a deep connection with plant medicines like marijuana and psilocybin (shrooms) throughout my adulthood. I found that I became more grounded, understanding, and most importantly...happy! It allows me to explore my spirituality by opening myself up to higher states of seeing. It calms my nervous system and has even pulled me out of depression on numerous occasions. This is the first time I'm openly sharing my relationship with plant medicine, I've always feared being judged. There is a voice in my head telling me, "I'm a bad person and I'm masking my issues because I like to get high." The last eight months my healing process has been gnarly! I've learned to SEARCH and DESTROY the thoughts that prevent me from being my authentic self. The voice tells me "Not right now."

"You're not good enough."

"You don't have time."

Eight months into my postpartum healing, I'm receiving the message to be brave and share my experience. My truth is plant medicine is a huge part of who I am. Rapéh, a medicine used in Brazil and Peru, is the catalyst for me to embody my truth.

I only tried rapéh two months ago! I learned about it last June, during a kambo circle. I was given a vague description that it is tobacco snuff and was immediately repelled by it. I associated it with cigarettes. I witnessed it being administered around the circle and people were having very strong reactions to it. I was very intimidated I did not want to be so out of my body in front of a bunch of strangers!

Fast forward to now - a close of mine asked me if I wanted to partake in a rapéh ceremony. She provided me with more information. Shamans of the Amazons used rapéh as part of prayer. Rapéh is sacred unlike a casual cigarette outside a bar. It's best done out in nature, at the altar, or in a ceremony. I was home in a safe space, with someone I trust. I was ready to give it a try.

We held a small ceremony by connecting to the plant and stating our intentions. Then yourself or another person blows the rapé into one of the nostrils. My first experience was wonderful. I thought it would be harsh, and it did sting, but it was totally manageable. I became hypersensitive to the size of my aura and the energy I was emitting. My feet felt heavy and I felt very connected to the earth.

There are a few things to be aware such as your breath and how you hold the "Kuripe". I also suggest if you're new, to try and little at a time and see how you feel. A heavy dose can knock you on your butt.

My second experience was unexpectedly the next day during my first Neural Muscular Release Therapy with Kevin Issac. Once again, I immediately felt grounded and in "the now". I felt my expand and I felt all my chakras opening.

The ceremony itself asks us to drop our baggage, get centered, and connect. As I deepen my relationship with rapéh, I'm learning its a tool for healing and manifesting goals. Since then I'll do rapéh about once a week to get clear. For me, it is a release of negative thoughts and emotions. It's mind-expanding, breaking open my third eye and teaching me to trust my inner knowing. I've noticed how focused I've become. It motivates me to eat well, meditate, and share myself with you!

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