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Unique Planetary Alignment and Upcoming Taurus Full Moon

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Energy Report for 10/22

Right now a unique planetary alignment is happening where all the planets in our solar system are on the same side of the sun. On top of that, the five brightest planets are currently in alignment with each other. Take a look at the horizon at sunset if you’re in the Northern hemisphere, you will be able to see these five all in a row. This alignment happened a few months ago and won’t happen again until 2020. During the last arrangement, we experienced an intense planetary tug with a series of intense earthquakes. And just like the earth, we are feeling the shake-up in our own lives and as a collective. But what does this mean?

The air is thick with anxiety. Can you feel it? This energy is ripping open our core wounds and telling, sometimes forcing, us to face it head-on. Combined with the Taurus full moon, we are going through another major shakedown and clearing. You might find yourself asking, “Can this be real?” Another cleansing?” Haven’t we had enough?” When will I see the end of this identity crisis?”

Since the summer, and perhaps the entire year of 2018, it feels like we’re caught in a massive swell of waves being thrashed around with only a brief moment to come up for air. As a collective, we need this pounding if we are ever going to get a place where we can turn the ship around before this world goes up in a fiery cosmic blaze. I know this sounds harsh, my husband might say dramatic...I say it’s imperative. Earth and its inhabitants are in bad shape. We are going through a metamorphosis, a planetary shift, and due to all these drastic changes, our current energies are priming us to stay calm in times of shock and disorder. Take a look back a generation or two, there hasn’t been a movement like this in eons. We are on the fast track to healing, and there is no way it's slowing down.

So, trust the ache. See your current challenges as opportunities, a road opener for what you truly desire and deserve. And you my friend, are deserving. When times feel tough, your soul is asking to take a look at what you’re longing for in your relationships, careers, and the day to day. Utilize this time for self-care, open your heart and deeply listen.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I clear with what I want?

  • Am I in alignment with my desires?

  • Am I doing what feels good to me?

  • Does this action, relationship, career light up every center of my body?

Things You Can Do To Ride This Energy Out With Grace

Take this time to go inward.

  • Meditate.

  • Get a healing to clear and balance your energy.

  • Spend time at your favorite outdoor spot.

  • Notice the details.

  • Gather your closest friends for a moon circle, share your stories and wisdom.

  • Announce your intentions and goals.

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