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Zero Point Portal Is OPEN, Manifest Your Dreams Now During A Global Collapse

Dear Lightworker and this especially goes out to WOC. I’m calling you forward, its time to stop hiding. The portal door of the zero-point field has flattened the curve. This is the GREAT EQUALIZER, don’t let the distraction of fear-mongering and illusion throw you out of alignment. Part of working with quantum healing and manifestation with my clients has been the process of sharing knowledge about the zero-point field. It’s the doorway to access the incredible power of the quantum field to manifest your intentions by maintaining a high vibrational state. The zero-point is the heart of all Source Creation. It reminds us all we are children of God (Universe), and to access it; we must exist in the frequency of LOVE. When we remember that we are a soul having a human experience and what we put in is what we get, we can open the portal door to the quantum field of infinite possibility. I’ve witnessed my clients harness this energy and truly manifest their desires, sometimes almost in an instant! The global reset we are experiencing is the zero point field in physical form! It never even crossed my mind that it would manifest itself in this way! The collapse of all our current structures is your golden opportunity to CREATE. We are going through a rebirth, and you have the choice right now: a) Netflix and Chill b) Be Part of the Conscious Revolution

The world needs your medicine. Soon, there will be a tsunami wave of people who may feel lost, anxious, depressed, and, unfortunately, suicidal due to all the uncertainty on the planet. We need as many Lightworkers as we can get to come online and support the paradigm shift. We all have the chance to build NEW EARTH together into a system that works for the good of all and not just the handful of puppet masters that have abused humanity for centuries. This is not something to over-analyze right now. LEAP before you’re ready. Like I’ve said before, we’ve been training for this! Now its time to be on the frontlines and be of service. It’s been mapped out in the stars! Take a look at the astrology from Jan 12 when Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn, and now Saturn and Mars are meeting in Aquarius. This is rocket fuel so use this time to your advantage. It’s time to take ACTION by activating your soul’s mission and purpose. Clear out old karmic wounds, limiting beliefs, and unhealed trauma. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. POWERFUL and SOVEREIGN You don’t have to go at this alone, and I’m here to help guide you to your highest potential! I’m offering packages for different budgets to help you through this planetary shift. Are you ready to transform? Book a discovery call with me: