a free workshop today on this powerful day for clearing old programs and manifesting our quantum vision on a personal and collective level!


Link to the workshop is in my bio! Free to attend.

If you aren’t able to make it or want to keep the recording, I’ll be posting the replay in my shop for $11.


More about the event:

Join Conscious Mother for this Free Masterclass to learn about the significance of the 2020 Winter Solstice coinciding with The Grand Conjunction, when Saturn and Jupiter align at the same degree in the zodiac. This is a once in a lifetime celestial event, one that we haven't seen in 800 years!


We may have all heard of our collective moving into the 5th Dimension, but what does it mean exactly? Drea has been receiving information about this shift and will be sharing the guides' messages in this informative, interactive masterclass.


We will also be dream weaving and manifesting our greatest collective vision by harnessing the powerful solar eclipse energies happening on the day of this masterclass, Dec 14, 2020.


How to prepare:

Have a journal and pen.

Candle, smudge, and altar items

Quiet and peaceful nest prepared for our quantum dream weaving meditation.


Begin to think about what you're ready to manifest and your purpose.

Are you fulfilling your life purpose?

What is the highest vision for yourself and how it pertains to supporting the collective at large.

What would you like to personally manifest for yourself? What is your biggest dream?

What are you ready to let go to make room for these new energies?

The Grand Conjunction Manifestation Workshop