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Sis... All the guilt, shame, resentment, anger, rage, and trauma stored in your womb prevents you from truly receiving the abundance of your divine birthright.


We were given yoni's to receive pleasure; then, we were shamed and made to feel wrong for feeling it. They've abused to levels that mutilate, manipulate, humiliate, and tarnish the sacredness of our yonis. The yoni is a sacred portal, the birth of all creation that brings spirit into matter.


When we're in harmony with our yoni, we become powerful manifestors, co-creating with our universe our every desire, including pleasure, wealth, joy, and freedom.


On a collective level, a healed womb is a divine feminine queen embodied. She becomes a matriarch, a leader, and a divine priestess who can effectively create a new paradigm. An empowered woman is here to build a New Earth that holds community in deep reverence and leads with grace. 


This Yoni Activation and Womb Healing for all womxn and womxn-identifying. Conscious Mother will share with you how to access your frequency codes of manifestation and abundance and break the cycle that has kept us disconnected from our yonis for generations.


It's time to reclaim who you are by releasing the limiting beliefs of not-enoughness.


This workshop is for you if:

💠 You're ready to release the guilt and shame you hold

💠 You want more pleasure and feeling in your yoni

💠 You're ready to unleash your magic

💠 You want to feel safe in your body

💠 You're ready to activate your wealth and prosperity codes

💠 You want to connect with a like-minded community

💠 You want to learn more about frequency medicine and quantum healing


What to expect:

💠 Workshop on cultivating a relationship with your yoni

💠 Embodiment movement practice

💠 Demonstration of how to use frequency medicine and quantum healing with the Healy device and Quantum Crystal bed

💠 Yoni healing and guided meditation

Yoni Activation Workshop Part 1

  • Yoni Activation Workshop - Click Here

    For the best experience, schedule time to be completely devoted to this workshop and energy healing. Make sure you're in a quiet, comfy, and safe place with your tea or favorite beverage, divination tools, and crystals handy. 

    Have your journal and pen to take notes and to journal about the energy healing experience.

    In this PDF, you'll find some journal prompts to follow.

    Got amazing results from this workshop!? Please share with me:



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