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Here’s the problem with today’s Reiki Level One Trainings.

They’re one-day workshops that are sometimes only a few hours! We see this a huge disservice to the lineage of Reiki and to its students. We believe in creating a container that gives spaciousness to learn about the origins of Reiki and its practices. And how we apply that knowledge to every area of our life.


Taking a week-long course allows our students to learn and practice Reiki with accountability, course work, and guidance from two Reiki Masters.
During this week-long Level 1 practitioner course, you'll learn to use Reiki to open the energy channels, balance your chakras, and cleanse auric fields. You'll also learn how to ground, clear, and protect your energy. This is especially great if you consider yourself an empath or extra-sensitive to your environment.
As we deeply care about upholding and respecting this practice we will explore the origins of this Japanese healing art. While honoring the Reiki practice we also encourage you to connect to your own origins and discover you're own medicine.

When: June 20 - June 27

Price: $250

3 Scholarships (email me to apply!)

Only 30 seats available

Where: Meet on Zoom 6/20 & 6/27, 4 hours each day.


6 daily assignments, accountability, plenty of practice time and access to the Facebook Support Group after your attunement.

Join me and Veronica Pedroza to be attuned with the energy of the Summer Solstice

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