Awaken Your Inner Magic: Step Into a Life of Presence, Purpose, and Possibility

Heal Generational and Childhood Trauma, Embrace Your True Story, and Lead with Authenticity. Your Journey to Inner Peace and Purpose Starts Here..

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You've arrived here because you're being summoned to make a profound impact on the world.

I am Drea Aguilar, a group facilitator, ceremonialist and transformational coach. My sacred mission is to elevate the planet's vibration by empowering you to heal intergenerational trauma, transform limiting beliefs, and fully embrace your most magnificent self through holistic healing and spiritual growth. By working with sacred plant medicines, you can enhance every aspect of your life and step boldly into your fully expressed, authentic leadership.

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Healing Takes Time, but Transformation Starts Now

At Conscious Mother, I understand that healing is a journey that requires patience and dedication. That’s why I’ve curated the most effective modalities that have profoundly impacted my own life. These practices have empowered me to take ownership of my truth, confidently express myself, and heal my inner child.

Now, I bring these powerful tools to you, ensuring efficient and transformative results.

What You Will Achieve:

  1. Deep Healing of Generational Trauma:

    • Break free from cycles of pain and suffering passed down through generations.
    • Experience profound emotional and spiritual release.
  2. Enhanced Emotional Regulation:

    • Develop the ability to navigate life's challenges with calm and resilience.
    • Transform anxiety, fear, and judgment into courage, creativity, and connectivity.
  3. Authentic Self-Expression:

    • Discover and confidently express your true self.
    • Share your unique story with ease and authenticity, inspiring others.
  4. Increased Life Force and Vitality:

    • Boost your energy levels and overall well-being.
    • Feel more alive, motivated, and ready to pursue your life’s purpose.
  5. Mastery of Presence:

    • Cultivate a deep sense of inner peace and mindfulness.
    • Live each moment with intention and clarity.
  6. Leadership and Impact:

    • Step into your role as a New Earth leader with authenticity and power.
    • Make a significant impact in your community and the world.
  7. Holistic Healing and Growth:

    • Benefit from a comprehensive approach that integrates mind, body, and spirit.
    • Experience growth and transformation on all levels of your being.
  8. Supportive Community:

    • Connect with like-minded leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, and lightworkers.
    • Build lasting relationships and a strong support network.

Why Work With Me?

By working with me, you are choosing the most unique and comprehensive transformational experience available. My approach combines the wisdom of sacred plant medicines, quantum healing, somatic practices, and energetic mastery. Together, we will embark on a journey that not only heals but also empowers you to become the highest version of yourself.

Start your journey today and witness the incredible transformation that awaits you.



Psychedelic Support Services

Private Ceremonies and Retreats:

Tailored psychedelic ceremonies for individuals or small groups, offering profound healing and transformation. 

Monthly Small Group Ceremonies
Join our monthly Bufo events for collective healing in a supportive group setting.

Retreat Services
Bring powerful Bufo healing to your retreat with our expert facilitation services.



1:1 Microdosing Program 

Microdosing for Impactful Leadership
Connect to your presence, creativity, and connection with self and others through microdosing and expert one-to-one coaching.

Heal trauma and ease anxiety, stress, and overwhelm through somatic work and plant medicine, fostering deep emotional and physical well-being.

Experience transformative growth and leadership by aligning mind and body, unlocking your full potential.

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Self-Guided Programs

Online Empowerment Courses:

Interactive self-paced programs designed to help you navigate your personal and spiritual growth journey with ease and clarity.

Informative eBooks:

Digital guides packed with insights, practices, and tools to support your journey towards self-discovery and holistic well-being.

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What is Bufo?

Bufo is considered to be one of the most powerful psychedelic medicines on the planet due to short duration and maximum impact. Bufo has been said to be 15 years of therapy in 15 minutes, Conscious Mother believes it heals 15 lifetimes in 15 minutes, 7 generations back, 7 generations forward, and its starts with YOU. Bufo is known to support in healing anxiety, depression, addiction, and trauma.





I am Drea Aguilar, a dedicated Medicine Woman, Ceremonialist, Psychedelic Guide, and Embodied Leadership Facilitator.

With a heart-centered approach, I guide you in embracing your fears, unlocking your fullest potential, and manifesting your life's purpose. My mission is to empower you to live in radical alignment with your authentic truth, attracting abundance, love, and joy into every aspect of your life.

As a Ceremonialist and Psychedelic Guide, I create sacred spaces for profound transformation, using ancient rituals and plant medicines to deepen your connection to self and spirit. As an Embodied Leadership Facilitator, I specialize in holistic healing and personal development, integrating traditional wisdom with modern practices to ensure a transformative journey towards self-discovery and spiritual growth.

More About Me

Upcoming Events 

Awakened Leadership: Bufo and Breathwork 

June 22, 9:30-4:00pm

Austin, Texas

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