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Are you ready?
Make a QUANTUM LEAP by healing your energy and changing your perspective.

It is no coincidence that you find yourself here.

You're making a conscious choice to shift your vibration

and create powerful change in your life.

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Get ready to be a “FUCK YES!” to yourself and your life's mission.​

​Stop secretly hiding in the broom closet and ready to live your purpose as a Lightworker, Witch, Mystic, or Psychic

Start to live in your authentic truth by remembering your power, sharing your gifts, and being at service to the collective.

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Heal With Me

Virtual or in-person.

Activate your highest potential in a powerful and transformational healing session with Drea.



Slow down and get clear on

current and future intentions.

Retreat with me or book me for your event.

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Work with me to...

~Identify and heal intergenerational/ancestral conditioning and patterning
~Feel confident and embody your fullest expression
~Align your thoughts and emotions with your intentions
~Remove blockages keeping you from stepping into your greatness
~Reframe your linguistics and shift the lens of your perspective
~Transform your relationship with yourself
~Develop more profound relationships with family, lovers, and friends
~Explore your extra-sensory gifts and strengthen your intuition with simple techniques
~Leave with practical applications that suit your daily life

Ways to Work With Me


My name is Andrea Aguilar and I’m a Filipinx Quantum Energy Healer and Transformational Coach.

I'm here to help you access your innate self-healing powers. I consider this sacred decolonization work that enables me to honor my ancestors...
and you to honor yours!

What others say...

Group Coaching

“I have noticed more love and abundance around me than ever before. It was always there, but I don't think I allowed myself to notice it before because of the inner chaos I was feeling. My shift in perspective has allowed me to live life with more gratitude and positivity, and as a result so many acts of kindness have unexpectedly been presented to me! Seriously, it's wild how many positive things have been happening in my life.” 


—  Caitlin P.

The quantum field responds not to what we want; it responds
to who we are being.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

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