Hello, I’m Conscious Mother, you can call me Drea. I’m a Reiki Master and Quantum Energy Healer. I’ve created a bespoke healing experience with the intention to help you feel clear, balanced, and confident.

What is quantum healing, exactly?

Quantum healing is a highly effective, multi-dimensional healing modality that aligns your thoughts and emotions with your intentions. During your two hour experience, you will be heard, seen, and nurtured. Together we align your body mind and soul with the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed, a one-of-a-kind technology using sound, frequency, and vibration.

Are you ready to go QUANTUM with life, relationship, and purpose?

Activate your quantum potential with a blend of spiritual healing with a grounded approach.


Work with me to:

~Identify and heal intergenerational/ancestral conditioning and patterning

~Align your thoughts and emotions with your intentions
~Remove blockages keeping you from stepping into your greatness
~Reframe your linguistics and shift the lens of your perspective
~Transform your relationship with yourself
~Develop more profound relationships with family, lovers, and friends
~Explore your extra-sensory gifts and strengthen your intuition with simple techniques
~Leave with practical applications that suit your daily life


"I was always a skeptic until I met Drea, her energy is so open and grounded and just immediately you feel so safe. For me a session with Drea is like being able to do therapy with your deep subconscious and connect your own thoughts and instincts in a way that you can’t typically access in day to day life."


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Healing Services

Reiki Master

Quantum Resonance

Theta Healing


Ancestral and Intergenerational Healing

Plant Medicine

Spiritual Guidance

Oracle Reading

Trauma Healing Coaching

House Calls and Home Blessings

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New to energy work? Learn to master your energy. Find out more about Drea and her mission.

“The quantum field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being.” 

Dr. Joe Dispenza

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