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Transformational healing in just one hour.


hour | $250


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Service Description

Are you looking to heal yourself and manifest the life you've always dreamed of from a place of trust, ease, and flow?


Quantum healing will support you and your deepest healing.


I created this process of healing by weaving together:


🧬 Alchemy Coaching

🧬 I communicate with your Higher Self and guidance teams

🧬 Shamanic energy healing

🧬 Binaural sound bath

🧬 Cord cutting

🧬 Soul Retrieval

🧬 Chakra Alignment


• You'll receive a zoom link after you book. If you do not have zoom, make sure you've logged on to your computer or downloaded the app to your phone.

• Be in a quiet place, free of distraction.

• Best to have headphones for an optimal session.

• Prepare yourself by connecting to your intention for at least 5 mins before the session.

• Please arrive at your zoom session on time, as our session is only 30 mins

What to expect:

• We'll begin by stating your intentions

• You'll sit back and relax while Drea performs the session.


• Shamanic Healing

• Reiki • Light Language Activation

• Soothing Sound Bath


• Immediately after your session, drink water or tea to flush out toxins and negative energy for your physical body.

• That day, spend some time outside in nature to ground

• Journal your experience and write down what you're committed to for the next seven days to claim your body sovereignty


24-hour advance notice is required when canceling an appointment. This allows the opportunity for someone else to schedule. If you are unable to give 24 hours advance notice you will be charged a $60 cancellation fee. 


Anyone who either forgets or consciously chooses to forgo their session will be considered a “no-show.” You will be charged, in full, for this missed session.


If you arrive late, your session may be shortened. Depending upon how late you arrive, there may not be enough time remaining to receive a full session. Regardless of the actual length of time of your session, you will be responsible for paying the full amount of the time frame you scheduled.



Let Others Inspire You.

"Working with Drea was transformative. At the time I was in need of a shift and through her heart-centered work, she helped me shift the language I was using. I got the clarity I needed and left feeling loved, restored, and cared for." 

Laurie Marie
Healting with quantine bed

"Wow to receive healing from Drea is a dream. Not only is Drea gifted with strong intuition, she is well-versed in many healing modalities. Drea embodies a wonderful healing, motherly energy and this quote perfectly: "The greatest teacher will send you back to yourself."

Katie S.
Healting with quantine bed



"I have noticed more love and abundance around me than ever before. It was always there, but I don't think I allowed myself to notice it before because of the inner chaos I was feeling. My shift in perspective has allowed me to live life with more gratitude and positivity, and as a result so many acts of kindness have unexpectedly been presented to me! Seriously, it's wild how many positive things have been happening in my life.” 

Caitlin P.
Group Coaching


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